stencil engraving

stencil engraving


Branding Iron

We produce Custom Branding Irons that are perfect for permanently marking different types of leather and suede. Our in-house graphics team will ensure an optimized proof that will support clear and legible branded marks. Our branding heads are thick to retain heat longer. This means you can continue branding without constantly having to reheat.

Tips for branding leather:


  • It takes various degrees of heat to brand different kinds of leather. Soft leather and suede typically require less heat in comparison to thick, firm leather.
  • Depending on the type of leather and amount of heat/dwell time, your branded mark may resemble a branded mark made on wood or an impression made with a metal stamp.
  • Branded marks on textured leather “iron out” the texture, usually leaving a smooth mark.
  • Using an electric heating tool in combination with a temperature control unit will make your task easier.

How does it work?


Branding Iron is similar to a soldering iron. The end is fixed with a bespoke mark, which we can build from your design or make to your specification. Once the branding iron is heated, it will leave a clear, permanent mark on all sorts of surfaces. For creative work, we sell electric branding irons of all sizes – from the small and delicate to something big, bold and showy. The Electric Branding Iron is perfect, for carpenters., wood turners, picture frame makers, leather craftsmen.

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