Branding irons

Branding iron is used for marking leather, burger buns and wood.  As a result, leaving an identifying mark by branding, pressing a heated metal shape against an object.

Types of Branding Iron

Branding Iron comes in a variety of styles, designed primarily by their method of heating.

Leather branding iron UK

Fire Heated

The traditional fire-heated method is still in use today. Firstly, they require longer lengths of time to heat. Secondly, are inconsistent in temperature and all around inferior to more advanced forms of branding. As a result, they are inexpensive to purchase. Fire-heated branding irons are used to brand wood,steak,leather and plastics

Electrical branding iron

Electrical Iron

Electrical branding irons utilize an electric heating element to heat a branding iron to the desired temperature. Firstly, electric branding iron come in many variations from. Secondly, irons designed to mark wood and leather and models designed to be placed inside a drill press for the purposes of manufacturing. Moreover, an Electric Branding Iron’s temperature can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the flow of electricity.

Electrical branding iron

Electrical Iron with Temperature Regulator

This  type electrical machine has integrated temperature control unit. Which means  that you can easily control the temperature/heat. Firstly, electric branding iron come in 3 sizes. Secondly, irons designed to mark wood, leather and more. Moreover, an Electric Branding Iron’s temperature can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the temperature on the LCD screen.

Branding iron for burger buns UK

Blow Torch

First of all, blow torch Branding Iron use a continuous flow of propane to heat the iron head. Secondly, they are commonly used where electricity is not available. As a result, utilizing the flow of propane, the temperature can be adjusted for varying branding environments. Moreover, a commercially built branding iron heater fired with L.P. gas is a common method of heating several branding irons at once.


  • Custom made to order in our UK facility.
  • Image raised 3mm to support clear branded marks
  • 3/4″ thick for prolonged heat retention

Other Details

  • Designed to work with Electric and Blow Torch heating tools or as a Fire-Heated iron (Each Sold Separately)
  • Artwork: EPS, DXF, SVG, AI, PDF. Vector files.
  • Suitable for branding wood, leather, BBQ, burger buns, plastic.


Custom made to order upon receipt of your proof approval
Standard Order: Ready in approx. 5 business days
Rush Order: Ready in 3 business days.
Super-Rush Order: Ready in 1 business day

In other words,from wooden drink coasters and de-bossed leather labels, to wedding table cards and fine furniture branding iron. Hamilton Rand Ltd electric branding irons leaves a clear and crisp impression on wood, leather, and even food! Contact engravers today.

Popular Use - Branding Iron


Firstly, woodworkers are often using Electric or Fire-Heated Branding Irons to leave their maker’s mark or company logo. Secondly, timber pallets and other timber export packaging is often marked in this way in to indicate that the timber has been treated to prevent it carrying pests. Moreover, for those of you in the pallet and crate industries who need the IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) seal, our IPPC Pallet Brander is the ideal permanent marking solution, made in-house, right here, in the UK.


Steak branding irons are used commonly by barbecue enthusiasts and professional chefs to leave a mark indicating how well done a steak is or to identify the chef or grill master.


Most importantly, Branding Irons are used often by makers of horse tack in place of a steel leather stamp to indicate craftsmanship. Certainly, our custom branding irons are the ultimate multi-purpose branding solution. That is to say, wood, leather, rubber, plastic, cork, suede, bamboo and other materials can all be easily and permanently marked with our custom branding irons. In addition, once you have received and approved of your design proof we begin production. Moreover, each and every branding head is custom made to order in our manufacturing facility. With experienced graphic designers and the latest in CNC manufacturing technology. That is to say, we produce highly detailed branding heads that yield unmatched branded marks.  

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