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Steel Marking Punches

Our steel stamp products are: Durable- through hardened and annealed at hole of toughness, Heavy Duty- long life because they are made from special tool steel

Our steel marking punches are engraved precisely to your applications regarding material and hardness to reach an optimum of indenting results and durability.

steel marking punches

For individual marking solutions

We manufacture custom made steel stamps direct of high quality tool steels. Most importantly, these steel marking punches are engraved exactly to your requirements and component drawings. Therefore, we can supply the following custom made engraved stamps and dies: Machine stamp ,Welder’s stamp, welder´s inspection stamp Jewellery stamp (minimum characters height 3.5mm) Logotype die, Logotype punch Embossing die stamps direct from us.

Custom made engraved dies & steel punches

To clarify, beside the single character, steel punches can also be manufactured comprising more letters/figures/symbols in one stamp only. Therefore, these custom made marking stamps allow marking of more than one character. During one single stroke, which increases the productivity. Most importantly, custom made steel stamps are often used when company logos or fixed letter/figure combinations must be marked in mass production. Therefore, in contrast to a single steel stamp, whole words or number codes can be marked with a single stroke. In addition, saving time and a better marking quality are two convincing arguments! The possible applications are countless. In short, custom made, engraved steel stamps are used in all parts of the industrial production processes.

Steel marking punches
Steel marking punches UK

Press style custom steel stamps direct from us

Firstly, these custom steel stamps are special marking tools with a shank. Therefore, made to fit virtually all marking presses. Secondly, press dies with shank are usually used for mass-production or serial-production. Either with a single percussion press or within an assembly line. The shank, which can also be customized, serves as the connection between the marking die and the marking press. In addition, special shanks for rapid changes of the marking die are available. The possible applications are countless. Therefore, custom made, engraved steel stamps are used in all parts of the industrial production processes. In conclusion, we manufacture press style, custom steel stamps. Either after drawing or after your sample.

Steel Marking Punches

Metal stamps and dies are some of the best steel marking tools available. In short, one of the greatest advantages of metal marking stamps are their versatility. As a result, press style steel stamps can be used for impact marking machines, punch presses, press brakes, and other machines.

steel marking punches

Advantages of metal stamps

  • Clear marks
  • Durable
  • Permanent
  • Economical
  • Raised or sunk characters
  • Alpha-numeric text, logos and special characters available

That is to say, our steel stamp products are: Durable – through hardened and annealed at hole for toughness . Moreover, Heavy Duty – long life as they are made from special tool steel. Therefore, often marked this way to indicate that the timber has been treated. To prevent it carrying pests. Moreover, for those of you in the pallet and crate industries who need the IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) seal, our IPPC Pallet Brander is the ideal permanent marking solution, made in-house, right here, in the UK.

Helpful Tips for Marking Parts with Steel Hand Stamps

Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when using a hand stamp. Firstly, make sure you mark on a solid, stable bench, located over a support or leg. To eliminate any bounce or flexing of the bench surface. Secondly, use a large, flat piece of soft steel as a base. To lay your parts on, while marking with a steel hand stamp. Thirdly, choose the proper marking hammer size. Based on the following criteria: If you’re marking a single 1/4” tall character into tool steel you’ll need approximately 2.1 tons of pressure. Choose a 3/4 to 1-1/4 lb. hammer. (Note – a more experienced operator can usually use a lighter marking hammer.) Moreover, speed and accuracy of the hammer blow when striking the stamp is very important. Therefore, when marking multiple characters using a hand stamp the amount of striking force required is dramatically increased.

But, if you’re marking (4) 1/4″ tall characters at once using a steel hand stamp, the pressure needed will be approximately 12.6 tons. Moreover, this amount of force would require the use of a 3 to 3-1/2 lb. marking hammer. Firstly, place the hand stamp onto the part to be marked. Secondly, rock it back-and-forth to make sure the stamp is laying perfectly flat on the part. Thirdly, when hitting the steel marking punches with a hammer, only strike the stamp once. Hit the stamp and pull the hammer away. In short, if the hammer bounces on the stamp more than one time, you will end up with a double or triple impression.

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