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Name Plates

One of the most common variants of office door signs are engraved name plates. A stylish sign showing who works in the office, personalized engraving. Material, design and sign can be varied freely, but, as a rule, these name plaques are relatively small and focus on informing people looking for a specific person that they have come to the right place.

Order door name plates to meet your needs, and those of your office.

For customers, suppliers, guests, employees, patients and others, personalized engraving name plates make it easier to find the right person. Small name plaques for offices and business premises make it easier for anyone on the premises to find their way. Office door name plates should have the name of the person working in the office – that much is obvious. But you should also consider what else the sign needs to convey.

Office Name Plates – what should they convey?

The name
One of the most common types of office name plates are signs which simply feature a name. These can be personalized engraved plastic signs or metal signs, which are easy to attach to office doors.

… and business
In large offices or office complexes, a number of different businesses may be represented. In this case, it can be useful to have an office door name plaque that also features the company logo or name.

If you include the company logo, an engraved plastic sign is not always the best option. This is because engraving cannot reproduce the details and colors in the same way as a printed image. An aluminum sign may be a better option in those circumstances.

… and professional role
Are there several different professional roles in the same workplace? If so, why not indicate this on the name plate? This is common in hospitals and larger companies, for instance.

How much information is to be included on the sign therefore depends on how the office is arranged and what needs to be conveyed. But start with this rule: Better less but clear information than too much information, which can look messy.

Hamilton Rand Engraving and Die Sinking Services Proud of 40+ years experience with highest quality industrial engraving in Birmingham
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