Embossing Die And Die Sinking

Embossing die means to raise a figure or design, above the flat surface. The best results are attaching by the force, or punch, or male member of the die to the hammer of a drop press.

Male & Female Embossing Dies are used to raise characters. Onto a wide range of sizes and shaped materials.  When a raised image is required, Embossing die is the most effective marking method.

An Embossing Die Set is comprised of two Metal Stamp parts, male and female. The male part is produced with a face that features the raised image. While the female part is produced with a sunk-engraved image.

A sinking die works in the exact opposite of an Embossing Die.

Metal Marker has the capability to take your logo and create embossing or sinking dies. So you can use to leave a long lasting impression on your product.

Embossing / Sinking die is suitable for marking thin sheets of material such as aluminium, brass, copper, stainless steel, tin, etc.  To produce the two parts of an Embossing/Sinking Die Set with the right clearance. It is imperative that the customer specifies the exact thickness of the material to be embossed or sunk.

Our Customer Service Representatives can work with you to develop a solution to your needs.  Please contact one of our Customer Service to obtain additional information or a quote.

Die Sinking

There are three methods of making embossing dies. And to employ any of the methods the workman must be an artist. For the outline of the design must be transferred from a sketch or a sample to the die. If the design is of a floral or landscape effect. It means freehand sketching to obtain the desired outlines on the die face. Embossing dies are distinctly apart from the work expected of tool-makers or blanking die-makers. And embossing die-makers are known as die-sinkers.

Reverse Cutting

The third method is to cut the design directly in face of the die block. To do this the die-sinker must cut the design in reverse. Which is the most difficult method.

Branding Iron Dies

A Branding Iron Die is a flat metal blank with raised reverse characters that will be heated and pressed into a part. A Branding Iron Die is typically made of a softer metal such as brass and is used for Hot Stamping softer non-metallic materials such as wood, leather, cork, and rubber.

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